Independent Glass is the UK market leader in the manufacture and supply of toughened, laminated and laminated toughened safety glass products for all types of rail vehicles.
From Double Glazing Units (Insulating glass units) for side windows and doors to internal draught screens, luggage stacks, luggage racks and mirrors we are able to meet all customer requirements and technical specifications.

As a full member of the UK Rail Standards and Safety Board, Independent Glass was the major contributor to the glass testing and development component of the RSSB  R&D programmes (T424 and T878) which resulted in the glass specifications contained in the new GM/RT 2100 Issue 5 Requirements for Rail Vehicle Structures  (to be published Sep 2012) for UK Rolling Stock.

Download the report on IG’s development of Double Glazing Units to meet the new safety standard : Development of Rail DGU

Independent Glass is the only safety glass manufacturer with their own in-house complete suite of specialist rigs to test not only the glass but complete windows systems to GM/RT 2100 Issue 5. These rigs together with other comprehensive test facilities enable the company to supply products compliant to UK, European, UIC and National Standards such as, but not limited to:

BS 857 Kite Mark Licence –  Safety Glass for Land Transport Amendment 3- Glass for use only in Railway Rolling Stock
BR 573 BRB – Specification for Double Glazed Window Units for use on Rolling Stock
GM/RT 2456 Issue 2 – Structural requirements for Windscreens and Windows on rail Vehicles
GM/RT 2100 Issue 5 – Requirements for Rail Vehicle Structures
ST – M 059 B –  Equipment Technical Specification Rail Rolling Stock Mirrors (France)
Unipart Rail Approved –  Technical Dossier Version 2
Link-up Qualification – Supply Only Glazing Units and Safety Mirrors

All Independent Glass products are manufactured under the company’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Our Technical Department will be pleased to assist in providing advice on all aspects of your glass requirements offering combinations that will not only comply with Safety Standards but also, where relevant, Solar Control, Thermal Insulation and  Sound Reduction performance. In addition, for internal glazing, we offer a full range of  coloured and decorative finishes.

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